Photoshop isn’t Forensics

Using the swirl effect doesn’t make you a CSI

Maybe I’ve fried my brain by listening to Temple of Love by the Sisters of Mercy (featuring Ofra Haza) too many times in a row, but am I the only one who thinks the news media is getting a touch over excited by the fact that you can reverse a Photoshop swirl effect by running an opposite swirl on top of it? I mean I’m glad they now have a chance to catch the sicko involved, but the way the papers and news bulletins have been going on about it you’d think it’s the forensic breakthrough of the century – as opposed to something known by anyone who plays around with Photoshop for more than five minutes. Give me one of those photos (appropriately cropped – I seriously don’t want to know what’s going on in there) and I could pull the guy’s face out of it in 60 seconds or less without even having to think about it.

There’s absolute public transport chaos at the moment. In order to plug the new Mandurah line into the rail network they’ve had to shut down the Fremantle line for a week. They’re running extra buses and such, but it’s still a major nightmare. I’ve given up on the trains entirely until it’s done and am catching the Circle Route bus to work. It takes an extra 15 minutes, but is a lot less inconvenient that catching a train, switching to a bus, then switching to another bus. Things should be back to normal by the start of next week – I just hope they’re going to keep running trains straight from Midland to Fremantle once it’s done, otherwise my daily commute is going to get a lot more annoying.

I’ve almost got my computer back up and running in the style I’m accustomed to. Just a few more programs to install and everything should be back to normal – if anything on my computer could be said to be normal 🙂

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