Floss Your Brain with YouTube

Filler, essentially

Just thought I’d post some crazy YouTube videos we did watch on Sunday…

Frank Zappa – Baby Snakes

Captain Beefheart – Ice Cream for Crow

The KLF – America, What Time is Love?

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Punch Rockgroin! Big McLargehuge! Steve!

The best song at Eurovision 2007

The worst song at Eurovision 2007

Arguably the most insane song at Eurovision 2007

Maybe – just maybe – I might get my computer back today. Maybe.


Good news – I have my computer back

Bad News – Despite my telling them that there was a tonne of important stuff on the desktop, they didn’t bother to back it up. Meaning that I’ve lost about five years of work on various projects. Including…

  • The Wild Southwest campaign setting
  • Plying’ The Black (my Firefly card game in progress)
  • The graphics for the new CD I’m making for Helen and Ali, which I was really happy with
  • A bunch of other stuff I can’t remember right now, but that I’m sure going to miss as soon as I do

I’m going to phone them up tomorrow morning and see if they possibly have some kind of earlier backup lying around, but I’m not hopeful 🙁

Needless to say I am not taking my computer back to them the next time something goes wrong.

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