Good News All Round

More computer updates, time travel and MP3s

It’s ironic – seemingly a blog a lot more when I don’t have a computer than when I do…

Well the latest update is that my motherboard is fairly well fried – which isn’t all that surprising considering the machine is getting on for five years old. They’re replacing it with a brand new, sparkling, clean one, so hopefully by the end of today normality will be restored and I can go back to not blogging again 😉

(Oh, and sure I could probably buy a new computer for not much more than it’s costing me to get it repaired, but as an Aspie change hurts my head and I just want things back the way they were. Yes that’s nuts, but that’s me. I’ll upgrade some other time, so just deal 🙂

In two other bits of important news Amazon has finally done what I’ve been waiting for someone to do for years – launch an online store where you can buy plain, ordinary MP3s unemcumbered with DRM. Since way back in the Napster age I’ve been saying that if someone got their act together and started running a store like that, I’d happily pay for large quantities of downloadable music, and it looks like it’s finally happening. I’ll wait a little while for the reviews to come in (just to make sure it’s as good as it seems) and then get updating my MP3 collection with all those songs I’ve always wanted to get but couldn’t be bothered buying entire albums (or labouriously tracking down singles) for. Yey Amazon!

The other bit of news is that Dresden Codak creator Aaron Diaz has declared December 8th as Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day. If I had the guts to behave like a lunatic in public, then this is something I would so be involved with. Alas, I don’t have the guts, so I’ll just encourage others to participate instead 🙂

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