When something is wrong with my baby, then something is wrong with me

Computer Woes

My computer decided to die yesterday 🙁

Because there were supposed to be thunderstorms (which never arrived) I unplugged it from the wall before going out yesterday morning. I got back home aorund 2:00, and plugged it back in, intending to do some work on my Wild Southwest campaign setting. It booted really, really slowly. So I tried rebooting several times – no change. I had a look at the BIOS settings, reasoning that the battery might have died – they all seemed fine. Finally I took the case off, cleaned out the dust, and had a good look around to make sure nothing was loose – nothing was.

So then I started it up again. The memory check froze halfway through. I rebooted. The memory check froze a quarter of the way through. I tried again, and absolutely nothing happened. I just got a cursor blinking in the corner of the screen, which is how it remained on every subsequent boot until I finally gave up 🙁

So, no emails, no working on my many projects, no looking up stuff on Wikipedia when I get bored. Honestly, it’s like losing a limb 🙁

The good news is (I hope) it seems like a memory/CPU problem. The hard drives should be fine, so I won’t have lost any data. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Now I’ve just got to find time to take it into a shop and get it fixed, which probably won’t be possible until the weekend at the earliest. I don’t know how I’ll survive!

So if you don’t get any emails from me for a while, you know the reason.


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