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TV related rantings

Well it turns out my speculation about Channel 9’s excrable iCaught the other day was right. And then wrong. Apparently they decided to take it off air in favour of Two and Half Men, but then flip-flopped and decided to give it another chance. I can’t imagine why.

Also we can’t blame Channel 9 for it entirely, apparently it’s an American show with a bit of Australian content cut in to try and make it relevant. Yeah, good luck.

The fundamental problem with the show is that there’s no audience for it. Net savvy people won’t tune in because they can just jump onto Youtube and watch the content whenever they want to – and anything really good the producers could possibly show will have already been seen by them anyway. The rest of the population won’t want to watch it, because it comes off of that porn and virus ridden interweb thing that’s full of hackers and peadophiles – not to mention that Youtube videos don’t look very good on a television screen.

In fact I’d go as far to say that the only people who’d ever watch such a program would be fat Americans needing their daily audio visual fix. “Quick ma! That there iCatch telee-vision show’s awn!”. As long as their TVs provide a constant stream of noise and images to keep their brains from firing up, they don’t care what garbage they watch.

Oh, and it looks like Channel 10 may not axe Big Brother – they’re going to sell it to Channel 7 instead. Fine by me – the last thing I watched on 7 was midday repeats of All Saints during my weeks off. Prior to that I haven’t watched 7 since they moved Stargate: Atlantis to 3:08am every second Thursday.  If they want to go all BB crazy, then let them – as far as I stand out of sight means out of mind!

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