I will combine the Allspark with the spark here in my chest (that you should all know about so why am I showing it to you?) which (as you should already know) will kill me…

Random ramblings about nothing much

You know over the last few years there’ve been a whole load of ‘best of’ albums released for classic artists. There was that Beatles one that seems to have started the whole trend, the Elvis one, possibly (if my mind isn’t tricking me) a Michael Jackson one, and recently they’ve put together a Clash one. This is all well and good, it allows lazy/cheap folk such as myself to get all the really good songs without having to shell out for every single album. But there’s one musical act that is sadly missing from the range, something that must be corrected as soon as possible! So, I humbly submit the following album design to the record companies, in the hopes that they’ll come to their senses…

OK, that’s that silliness out of the way 🙂

Well, it appears that 50 years after tearing up the network the Government is seriously considering re-introducing trams to Perth. I applaud this strongly. We seriously need to do something about the appalling lack of public transport away from the railway lines – let’s face it the bus network can’t cut it. Some dedicated tram lines would be the next best thing to a massive expansion of the rail network (and a whole lot cheaper). Hopefully they’ll decide to go ahead with it, although their first proposed line is from East Perth to Subiaco which seems a bit odd because you can already do that by train. But hey, it’ll be a start.

Funnily enough I spent a few hours last weekend playing around with routes for some extra rail lines (this is because I’m a massive nerd and I find such speculation entertaining :). I think we would be well served by a tram line running from the Perth rail station, up through Northbridge (passing by Russell Square), clipping the corner of Hyde Park, running up to Edith Cowan university, through Dianella Plaza and the Mirrabooka shopping centre, and ending up in Landsdale.

At the same time it would make sense to run a line from the Airport (both terminals), over the river at Redcliffe to Bayswater (with a connection to the railway near Bayswater station), across to the Morley Galleria, then west to Stirling rail station. I mean at the moment the only way to get into the city from the airport is by taxi, which is just plain crazy. The fact that such a line would also let me get the tram to the galleria from right outside my door is surely just a co-incidence :).

So, once again I prove myself to be least a week ahead of the best Government thinking 🙂

Not a huge lot else has been going on in my life. Went out to dinner with the family the Saturday before last, to Romany’s Italian restaurant in Northbridge. It was insanely noisy and I ended up stuck at the end of the table, so conversation wasn’t exactly an option. But it didn’t matter because the food was awesome. I had the tortellini which was served in a really rich cream cheese sauce. It almost put me to sleep (what with the hypoglycemia and all) but I’d happily eat it all again 🙂

I also went and saw the Transformers movie on Friday night with Ryan. Justin was meant to come along as well, but I totally forgot to phone him and let him know the session time we were going to, so he missed out 🙁 But he’s OK with it – or at least pretending to be OK with it – so that’s cool. The movie was actually a lot better that I expected, there’s some – if not great script writing and performances – very competent script writing and performances. The comedy aspects aren’t too jarring, and the plot is fairly comprehensible, which is a lot more than you can usually expect from these kinds of exercises. Some of the exposition was a bit clumsy (Optimus Prime explaining things to the other Autobots that they actually should have already known and so on) but overall it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

(Oh, one criticism though, the combat sequences could have been massively improved by keeping the camera still for more than two seconds at a time. All those shots of rapidly moving metal look really cool, but it would have been nice to see who was actually winning the fights.)

Ummm, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to write about at the moment I think. I’ve got to do the washing up anyway, so I’d better get on with it I suppose.

Over and Out.

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