There are Times it’s Good to be a Guy

Weirdos on the train, bad subtitling, and nuclear armageddon. Just another day at the office.

An exchange witnessed on the train to work this morning…

Reasonably normal looking Guy: Excuse me, how old are you?

Attractive Girl (surprised): [Age]

Guy: Are you single?

Girl (hesitantly): Yes…

Guy: Would you like to go out on date with me?

Girl: No.

Guy: C’mon!

Girl: No.

Guy: I’m married, but I still see lots of women!

Girl: No.

Guy: Why not?

Girl: Uh… I have a boyfriend.

Guy: So you’re not single?

Girl: No.

Guy: Where are you from?

Girl: Kenya.

Guy: What are you studying?

Girl: Nursing.

Guy: Ah. I’m not really married. I’d never get married, most guys get married but keep on sleeping with other women. I’ve slept with lots of women.

Girl: Right.

Guy (to someone else): Do you know where I can get food stamps?

It’s time’s like that that you realise women really do get the short end of the stick sometimes. I mean she was perfectly safe physically (there were a whole bunch of people listening to the conversation who would have stepped in if things started heading in that kind of direction) but it must be horrible to not be able to ride the train without being harrased by weirdos pestering you for dates, no matter how rarely it might occur.

Jericho is back on tonight, although they’ve put in on at 9:30. It’s just as well Spooks ended last week, or I’d be torn. Truly torn! Oh, and it looks like Channel 10 has got Torchwood (they’ve started a teaser campaign about “Captain Jack Harkness – the man who cannot die!”), which is odd because I would have expected the ABC to pair it up with Doctor Who. Oh well, as long as they don’t put it on opposite Doctor Who I’m happy.

Although on the subject of Spooks I do have to complain about whoever does the subtitling (it’s nit-picking rant time, so please feel free to skip this paragraph :). In one of the episodes earlier this season one of the team (it takes me ages to learn characters’ names in shows I’m afraid) is infiltrating a people smuggling operation while masquerading as a Circassian Arab. He’s in the back of a truck with a bunch of other refugees and manages to establish a bit of trust with them by giving an old man some of his water. One of the others then asks him (I think this is what they ask, it was a few weeks ago) where he’s from – in Arabic. The problem? It’s subtitled as “Were are you from?”. Were are you from? Were? I mean honestly!! When the BBC (is Spooks BBC? I’ll assume it is) can’t manage to subtitle in the Queen’s English then what is the world coming to?! Hrumph!!

OK, rant over 🙂

Well my lunch break is now also over, so back to work. Ho hum.

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