Cheering on the Lemur

Cynical computer generated lemurs are my kind of people

Well it seems my attempts to wrest the Wyrmworld domain away from the (alleged) forces of darkness (ie: Registerfly) may have been in vain. I’m trying some other things, but renewal falls due on the 31st and if it everything isn’t sorted out by then ownership of Wyrmworld will probably revert to Tinkerbelle the $6000 accessory chihuahua.

In the meantime the powers that be have launched yet another energy drink on the Australian market, one called (for some unknown reason) “Mother”. I have no intention of trying this stuff – Red Bull does me fine – but one of the computer generated characters from the advertising campaign has captured my attention. Mainly I suspect because he’s a crotchety, sleep deprived cynic, much like myself…

Cynical, sleep deprived lemur thing.

While that add is quite entertaining, the rest of the campaign is fairly annoying. First there was a rather badly thought out teaser campaign involving Channel 10’s execrable “comedy” series The Wedge (although the lemur thing did have some nice schick about the common idiotic assumption that “natural = good”). That was followed up by the current crop of adds involving the one linked above, some similar complaints from a sort of slimy frog thing, and poetry readings from a frankly terrifying monkey-like creature crushing berries and inviting the viewer to “come to [his] place, look in [his] face” – instructions that if followed would give you nightmares for a week.

So I won’t be trying or buying the product (they lost me as soon as The Wedge’s “Sandra Sultry” was involved). But I will be cheering on the Lemur whenever I see him.

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