Feet First into the 21st Century

My very first podcast.

Had some fun yesterday helping Ryan set up a test podcast. He’s been wanting to do one for ages and has finally come up with a decent premise (to do with an environmental project he’s involved with), so we recorded some test “shows” and hooked them up with a test website I threw together. It works beautifuly – I was able to subscribe to it through Juice, and when he got back to his place Ryan was able to subscribe through iTunes – so once he arranges proper hosting (it’s parasiting off Wyrmworld at the moment) and records some proper shows it’s all systems go.

Now at this point you’re probably expecting a link to the podcast. This is not going to happen. Firstly the location is very temporary, so you’d have to re-subscribe from the correct location once it goes live for real. Secondly there are only two “shows”, neither is longer than 90 seconds, and the second one features some questionable content about prostitutes and syphilis (in a suitably 19th century context I hasten to add). Oh, and one of them claims Coca-Cola as a sponsor, which is the kind of thing that could get us locked up. So no podcast for you!.

I’ll provide a link to the real thing once they get up it and running.

In other extremely geeky news my Dad discovered a huge pile of White Dwarfs from the mid 90’s in a local charity shop and grabbed them for me. They’re all in excellent condition and buried in the middle were several Necromunda rule and source books, a game I’ve been meaning to check out for years. 48 magazines/books in total – not bad for $40.

Right, better go now. People to email, podcasts to catch up on, magazines to read…

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