Dolphins. Blade Dolphins.

Hmmm, well it seems it’s a good thing I didn’t join the Scary Go Round forum because it seems to have vanished. John A’s probably killed it again. He apparently does this when he gets seriously annoyed by the kinds of things people are posting. Things like plot predictions for instance, or threads dedicated to how hot particular characters are. Apparently the last time he killed the board it was in response to some seriously disturbing posts of the second kind in relation to Zombie Shelley, I don’t know what’s done it this time. Oh well, maybe the forum will re-emerge at some point, or maybe it won’t. I hope it’s the former – it was quite an enjoyable read.

In the meantime I figured I’d take those tests from Helen and Ali’s blogs…

Which OS are You?

Bright and cheerful? Strong and stable? Tendancy to do more than is asked? This test doesn’t know me at all! 🙂

Which File Extension are You?

Now this I like. This is one accurate test! 😀

Which Nigerian spammer are You?

Well that’s good to know!

Oh I forgot to say yesterday – I had a particularly surreal dream Friday night as a sort of prelude to the general insanity of Saturday. It was about dolphins, all the different kinds of dolphins. Like bottle nosed dolphins for instance. Or blade dolphins, you know, the ones with with two retractable blades in the front of their flippers*In pretty much the same positions at the cannon in the wing of a Spitfire.? And how about those Roman or ‘heraldic’ dolphins? All orange and mottled black like giant goldfish with a big black marlin-like sail down their backs. Man, stuff my dreaming brain comes up with. 🙂

Before going I should mention that (this is horribly insensitive, so be warned 🙂 that Cardinal Ratzinger (the guy who seems to be handling a lot of the Pope-work now there’s no Pope) has the best name ever. I mean Cardinal Ratzinger. Like, the Cardinal who sings to rats. Or of rats. Isn’t that great!?

I think so 🙂

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