As Ali pointed out this morning the Leicester Tigers are a rugby team, not a football (ie: soccer) team. I could make the point that if I was from New South Wales or Queensland I’d be perfectly correct in calling them a football team, but I’m not, hence this correction.

Hmmm, let’s see, what does everyone mean when they say football? Here’s a partial list compiled from a quick web search…

  • United Kingdom: Soccer
  • United States: Gridiron
  • Canada: Canadian Football or Gridiron
  • Australia (WA,SA,VIC): Australian Rules Football
  • Australia (QLD,NSW): Rugby League or Rugby Union
  • New Zealand: Rugby Union
  • Republic of Ireland: Gaelic Football or Soccer
  • South Africa: Soccer
  • Almost everywhere else: Soccer

Wonder if there’s any I’ve missed out?

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