Well not quite anyway.

It’s amazing how much work it takes to organise an overseas trip. Combine that with an attack from the death cold from hell last week (Tuesday and Wednesday spent shivering in bed unable to speak with laryngitus) and it’s no wonder I haven’t been keeping up with log entries. But I’m marginally better now, so I’d better apologise for all the things I’ve missed over the last week or so…

Rebecca – I’m really sorry I missed your birthday. I was planning to send you an email from work, but of course wasn’t actually at work. I was also pretty much out of my head on cold medication and feeling truly wretched, so couldn’t even summon the togetherness to crawl out of bed and go online for a few minutes. Sorry 🙁 I do have a present waiting for you though 🙂

Helen – I’m also really sorry I missed your birthday. I knew it was coming up but in my pre-trip/post-death cold confusion it sort of slipped my mind. I checked my email for the first time in a few days last night and got your email – so I’ll write tonight and get everything sorted out.

Stephanie – I only got your email last night as well, so I’ll get a reply off to you tonight. I’ve got most of the site saved, I need to double check on some files, so don’t pull it quite yet.

Ryan – Ditto on the email. I was online Sunday morning but was feeling anti-social after a frustrating day of trip related shopping – so even if I’d got it I probably wouldn’t have been up for the movies. And even if I had been in a really gregarious mood I don’t know that I’d want to go and see Vin Diesel 🙂 I’ll get something sorted out before I head OS though – I think Hellboy opens this week so we can get the guys together – if Fabian’s back from Europe.

The Bishop – Sorry I stole those silver candlesticks but I needed the money to start a new life free from my convict past.

OK, I think that’s enough apologies for one day 🙂

Ummm, reading Beowulf, listening to Destroy Rock and Roll by Mylo, watching Regency House Party which is easily the stupidest thing on TV at the moment and as such is hilarious.

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