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“An Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch” by “A____”: PART ONE

Someone please get this past ‘Management’ to Mr Murdoch


Dear Mr Murdoch,

You should know that this whole program was exposed to me by convicted drug dealers N.S. & his son John, employed within your ‘Management’.

Your immediate attention is required when the reputation of Foxtel ‘Management’ becomes so highly compromised. How people like these were employed to ‘influence’ me and my environment, and continued to be employed even with ongoing drug charges, is just unbelievable. I see a problem when this whole “program” has the full cooperation of the police department, yet convicted drug dealers have positions within ‘Management’. And what are they doing now? Unbelievably still trying to get involved in my life. Something is very, very wrong when I change residence, the home phone rings and unbelievably it’s John. After I tell him that I never want anything to do with him (something that I’ve done repeatedly in the past), I ask “How the hell did you get this number?” (there was absolutely no possible way)

He replied “Er… Well…, if you want I can just lose it.”


“Well, I know that outside this program there would be no possible way to get this number from just thin air, but here, since my drug dealing father is in ‘Management’ and wants me to appear on screen with you and continue ______g, exceptions are made. Hey, we don’t need to play by any rules whatsoever, we’re in ‘Management’. Just try to forget that my dad actually told you that we’re f_____g your girlfriend, ____y. Hey A____, we needed you to go psycho, so we could get some real bad footage of you. Until then, things were made nice for you, and with a nice personality people were starting to object to you being totally used like this. So we arranged certain scenarios. Remember J.Q____y? The coffee you had 25 minutes before was laced to the max. J.Q____y really did almost run you off the road twice, but you didn’t actually start ramming into him. That’s what we were expecting. So we had him follow you and almost crash into you a third time, and harass you till you totally snapped. You never had a clue that we had you totally drugged, did you? Even we thought we added to (sic) much “_____” when we saw how totally crazy you got. We got some real bad footage of you there, and we actually play it now and again to get people to not like you. And we had actors absolutely everywhere, even so called friends “disrespect / abuse / provoke / assault / publicly beat” you as much as possible, day in, day out. By the way, that footage was never shown, so in the eyes of the public ‘it never happened’. After weeks, and weeks of this we ‘conditioned’ you into the most antisocial person known. So much so that no-one, and I mean no-one, cared about you anymore. Who the hell’s going to help you get out now? (how’s that for ‘strategy’. We couldn’t stop people (that liked you) from trying to get you out, so instead we ‘conditioned’ you so bad that people didn’t like you anymore. Now no-one’s going to help you. Lawsuit avoided.) From all this ‘conditioning’ you ended up saying things… well… people just didn’t know what to think about you? We know what your intention was, you became ‘aware’ and was (sic) trying to get out. No point trying to explain yourself to actors A____. You haven’t done anything we can lock you up permenantly for. But it’s OK because here, with everyone lying to you, you can’t take any legal action anyway. Now would you like us to ‘arrange’ people/’girls’ to ask you for drugs, and we can ‘arrange’ random people to offer/supply you, just like we ‘conditioned’ you? Hey, if the girl wants it, you’ve got to ‘provide’, right? And you make money too. Don’t forget, there are sexy, ‘willing’ girls involved here, just like a long, long time ago. Temptation like that we know you can’t resist. Girls, good times and entertainment. Hey, A____, did you know we’ve fooled everyone around you to think that’s how things are for you still. they have no idea how much you seriously want out. That’s why they all smile for the cameras while you’re desperately trying to inform as many people that you want to start a genuine life, and see your children. And as for the police? Hey, here in Perth we tell the police what to do. We’ve got senior police to ‘facilitate’ this whole program. The drugs, the violence you experience, the forced ‘escorts’ from them, everything. It’s all ‘facilitated’. Now you’re handing out pamphlets. How pathetic A____, if anyone even indicates that we should end this what must be a real nightmare for you, every skeleton in your closet is also in our videotape cabinet, and we selectively show them too. Just 30 seconds of ‘footage’ of you at your very worst and hey, people don’t care what happends (sic) to you. And those very, very few people that actually believe in ‘human rights’, they take a little longer, but in the end… Well let’s face it, you’re still here aren’t you?

A____ realise:

  • ‘Your life will go exactly the way we in ‘Management’ dictate it.’
  • ‘We’ve told everyone that your (sic) ‘unstable’ so now no-one even takes seriously anything you say (or hand out) whatsoever’
  • ‘As for a wife or a genuine family it will never, ever happen’
  • ‘You will never ever see your children’
  • ‘You and your children will die with everyone lying to you just like thoughtless zoo animals in pretty suroundings’

So stop trying to get out. You’re here for the ‘Corporation’ till death. This is how it’s going to be. You will smile for the cameras, tell jokes, pitch ‘particular’ products, take/deal the drugs, and shut up about Foxtel. There is absolutely no other option for you. None whatsoever. We decide who you can interact with, not you. We will put you on screen every day, (even if you don’t co-operate, we’ll just play nice recordings from the past and no one’s ever going to be any the wiser.) And we’ll keep convincing everyone that this ‘program’ is totally justified. Now shut up and conform to the ‘program’.

And not one single person will ever be honest with you for the rest of your life. This will all continue until you die, just accept it.”

Mr Murdoch I think you realise from what I’m communicating to you, that I am fully aware of my situation.

Find out who employed N.S. & John because whoever did is probably still accepting drug money from them, for them to continue what they do.

Make sure that I’m no longer still subject to harassment from these or any other drug dealers whatsoever?Please do something because because there is something definitely very wrong within ‘Management’.

I sincerely do not want to be part of this program, and I would very much like to discuss a solution to this whole situation.

I have my doubts but still hope this message has reached you unaltered.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely.
A____ ________

‘You and your children will die with everyone lying to you just like thoughtless zoo animals in pretty surroundings’ – Wouldn’t that just look great on a t-shirt? Tune in tomorrow for more on Foxtel, Rupert Murdoch and ‘Management’!

PS: I think I dislocated my jaw today – I was eating a chocolate bar and a particularly large piece of nut filled chocolate got wedged between my upper and lower teeth right at the back of my mouth. I bit down hard to crush it, and my right jaw joint went sort of “click-click” as if popping out then popping back into alignment. It works fine, but it’s been hurting like heck ever since. Typical eh? 🙂

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