Repainted Bathrooms Rock!!

Another week, another general lack of entries. This is mainly due to the fact that Dale has taken 8 weeks off to go to the UK, and left me and Bevan in charge of the office (so far we haven’t quite managed to sink the business, but it’s early days). I’ve been doing a lot more work than usual, and work that involves actually talking with clients. Face to face. It’ll be a miracle if I get through it all without a complete nervous breakdown. Or at least without developing some interesting new facial twitches.

I have of course been taking refuge in TV, such as Charmed. Not a bad episode all told. Not a great episode, but then Charmed hasn’t been great for several seasons. Let’s see, what happened? Oh yeah, Leo seems to have departed for good, Piper’s found out that Chris is her son and Gideon’s turned out to be a bad guy. Hmmmm, wouldn’t have thought he’d have time for it what with running a distinctly Harry Potteresque magic school and traveling around the world leaving Bibles in hotel rooms (sorry, that was uncalled for *g*). Oh! And Rose McGowan’s dyed her hair back to black, which is great – I was getting bored with the whole redhead/blonde thing. How long it’ll stay that way is anyone’s guess though.

I was also going to say something about a much appreciated upswing in the number of brunette science chicks on TV at the moment – except that it looks like Neela might be leaving ER next week. Well that sucks. Oh well, at least there’s Abby on NCIS to comfort me – although it is on a bit late for my taste. And I suppose there’s that scientist on Jake 2.0 which premiered on Friday night (I haven’t managed to pin down a name for her yet).

Is it just me or does Jake 2.0 seem a lot like a revamped version of Now and Again with a younger, hipper cast? Does anyone except me even care? ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve got to love nanotechnology though, it’s great. You can use it to justify any kind of ridiculous plot you like. What I want to know is what happens when someone tries to hack into Jake’s central nervous system via a firewire link. Have they installed a firewall? A virus checker? And who takes care of updates and resubscription services? ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d better leave TV for now (noooo!!! noooo!!!) and talk about what I got up to the Thursday before last, because I promised Rebecca I’d post this photo…

The Fiery Cake of DOOM!!!!

…and she keeps bugging me about it *g*. What is it you ask? Well read on dear reader, read on!

It all comes down to floors. Specifically the floors in the unit. Rebecca managed to get a really good deal on wooden flooring (I accidentally typed “Woden flooring” there, I wonder what that would be like? Lots of muscular shouting and ravens I expect ๐Ÿ™‚ and is going to upgrade the scungy lino in the living area and carpet in the hall with it. Yey! In order to accomplish this however she needed to get someone in to measure the place and figure out the exact square meterage.

She arranged this for Wednesday of three weeks ago. The plan was she’d come over about 6:30pm with the flooring guy and get the measuring done, then we’d go out for dinner at the Red Orchid (that is her and me, not her and me and the flooring guy ’cause that would just have been weird).

Unfortunately the flooring guy called up at the last minute to say he couldn’t make it. So the whole thing was rescheduled to Thursday of the next week. No problem (for me anyway, for Rebecca I can imagine it was extremely annoying).

So, all this was going to plan until early in the week when she realised that the Thursday in question was in fact Dom’s birthday and it wouldn’t be particularly birthdayish to leave him home all alone while having dinner with me. So, Dom was added to the party. No problem (for me anyway, Rebecca was quite embarrassed about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Then the actual day rolled around. Just to make sure there wouldn’t be any further problems Rebecca phoned up the flooring people (I could name the company but then I’d have to be careful about what I said and that’s no fun) and asked for confirmation that the appointment was going ahead. They replied by saying that they didn’t have any idea what she was on about, and just who was she anyway?

It emerged (no doubt after a fair amount of yelling) that “Steve” (not his real name, although I am willing to say that it’s the same as that of a recent movie ๐Ÿ™‚ had moved to another branch, and not left any messages about appointments and such. They suggested rescheduling for a week later. Given that she’d already rescheduled for a week Rebecca decided instead to yell at them until they sent someone around – which worked remarkably well.

So, on Thursday evening she and Dom came around to wait for Steve’s replacement to show up. Of course since it was Dom’s birthday Rebecca insisted on bringing him a cake -or at least a chocolate brownie. She also insisted on sticking 26 candles into this rather small brownie (it ended up looking like a startled porcupine) and was just about to light them up when pseudo-Steve arrived to measure the floors.

Dom – not wanting to explain what a candle festooned brownie was doing sitting on the table – hid it on a kitchen shelf for the duration of pseudo-Steve’s visit. Which was over rather quickly as he was actually very efficient. Once he left the brownie was rescued from exile and the lighting commenced.

This took a while as 26 separate candles had to be lit. Also Rebecca started from the outside in, meaning that the remaining center candles had to be lit while trying not to burn one’s hand on the ones at the edge. As the combined heat output and updraft from these was fairly intense it took a bit of doing. But in the end they were all blazing away, and she insisted I take a photo before Dom blew them out.

So I did. She also insisted I posted said photo on the Wyrmlog, hence its appearance above.

With that over we ate the brownie and went out to the Red Orchid, stopping for Gelatos on the way home. Not a bad night all told.

Rebecca and Dom are over here again today, painting the bathroom. I didn’t ask them to do this, they just decided to do so of their own accord. That’s the nice sort of people they are *g*. Actually as I type they’re out to lunch with some distant relatives of Rebecca’s, but they’ll be back soon to keep going (two thirds of the room have been painted, this needs to be finished and then the cupboards put back in). Then I’ll have a shiny new bathroom with fashionable blue stripes, yey!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to have a proper hot shower for a few days because the paint apparently doesn’t like steam until it’s fully dried (stupid wimpy paint). But we’ll be going out for dinner tonight, so I suppose that makes up for it ๐Ÿ™‚ We haven’t decided where we’re going yet, but it probably won’t be the Red Orchid – we’re all Red-Orchided out.

In other news Ali has written to me in defence of the acting talents of Matt LeBlanc. I won’t try and argue with her, as my experience of Mr LeBlanc’s portfolio is limited to Friends, Lost in Space, and the Logies a few years ago. He’s great in Friends but his performance in Lost in Space was fairly limp and dull (of course the entire film was fairly limp and dull, so maybe that’s not entirely his fault). His showing at the Logies (where he played “Special International Guest Matt LeBlanc”) however was not particularly convincing either. His part seemed to be made up of some desultory conversation with Darryl Sommers about his pet dogs, then a not particularly convincing shout of “Australian TV Rocks!!”. The scriptwriters should have been shot ๐Ÿ˜‰

But seriously folks, I don’t have anything against Mr LeBlanc and wish him total success for his Friends spin off show Joey (even though we all know it’ll probably be as well received as Jason Alexander’s Seinfeld spin off George).

Ummmm, don’t know that there was anything else I had to say really. So I’ll shut up then. Yes.

PS: Well, Helen says she liked Matt LeBlanc in Lost in Space, and Joey is apparently doing fairly well. No accounting for taste I suppose ;D. But seriously I thought Lost in Space was a film with great potential let down by unimaginative scripting and characterisation (and that darned monkey thing). If it had been written better then maybe I wouldn’t be so hard on Mr LeBlanc.

PPS: There was a weird JSP problem on the server yesterday evening which was causing the ‘white screen’ effect Ali mentions on her blog. That’s the first time I’ve seen it, but Ali seems to suggest it’s happening a lot ๐Ÿ™

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