I was confronted by an incredible demon force…

Well, so much for a long and detailed entry this week.

Work is hellish at the moment. Still big problems with the new server, and now our email has gone completely apewire. We can get email, but we can’t send it – so everyone who runs into problems with the new server sends us emails about it and we can’t reply, so they think we’re being rude, which is never good for a business.

Add in the fact that I’ve got about five websites to finish in the next 48 hours, and have no way of actually doing so without engaging in some kind of warping of the space time continuum and I’m sure you can see why I have no energy for writing when I get home in the evenings. I’ve barely got the energy to eat – which at least might help me lose some weight.

So there it is. Work is hell and my life sucks. So what’s new?

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