Sea Cows in the Cupboard

If I ruled the world (#Every day would be the first day of spring! Every heart would have a new song to sing!#) ahem, sorry, as I was saying – If I ruled the world I’d make it completely legal for bus drivers, pedestrians and indeed any passers by at all to smash in the windows of cars parked at bus stops. Barely a day goes by that the number 97 I catch from Subiaco to work and back doesn’t get held up by some goit who’s gone and shoved their vehicle into a bus bay. The worst place for it is outside the Commonwealth Bank on Rokeby Road, I suppose the lure of a nice wide parking space just next to the ATMs is too much for some people to resist. The risk of hundreds (if not thousands) of completely unclaimable dollars of damage to their pride and joy might make them think twice. Heck, I’d extend it to disabled parking spaces too, no ACROD sticker and it’s open season! Frankly I think it’d make the world a much better place 🙂

On a completely different subject I downloaded a copy of Shivaree’s John 2:14 last night. It’s the big* single off Rough Dreams and I was planning to wait until I could get a copy of the album to hear it (I have a general policy of not downloading music from artists I really respect – unless it’s particularly old music that’s too hard to track down). But, as my chances of finding a copy increasingly seem to be as likely as finding a thriving colony of Steller’s Sea Cows* in my bathroom cupboard, I finally gave into temptation. And? Well basically it rocks* 🙂

I’ll resist the urge to write an interminably long, adjective laden paragraph about how fantastic it is, and just say it’s kind of latin, kind of rock and appears to be an extremely cynical take on Valentines Day, which of course really appeals to me *g*. It’s particularly catchy too – the band said they were doing a party album and it sounds like they have, without losing their distinctive sound either (which was always a bit of a worry).

So, I’m definately redoubling my efforts to track down a copy. I should be able to find it on eBay easily enough. Probably.

OK, gonna go eat now. I’ve got some really horrible frozen fish to finish up. Pour enough sweet chilli Thai sauce on it and almost anything is edible 🙂

* Stellar’s Sea Kine?

* As in almost totally unheard of – Shivaree don’t get anywhere near the airplay they deserve. Or indeed any airplay at all >:(

* Yeah, like I’d dislike anything they recorded. They’re only like my thrid favourite band of all time. Sheeze!

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