Non-Paranormal Photo Gallery

Busy busy busy.

Which is again why I haven’t been blogging. Or emailing people. Which is consuming me with guilt, so everyone (Ali in particular) should expect at least something over the next few days. Although Rebecca is staying for a few days, so we’ll see what I have time for.

Anyway, a few quotes I found amusing…

From a Spam – Australia’s very own Ultimate Safe is a totally new concept in personal, relocatable high security. The Ultimate Safe is virtually indestructible, being able to withstand incredible abuse – even attacks with a hammer!

Surely not attacks with a hammer!?! Good Lord! I mean – it must be made of metal or something!! Wow!!!! What a breakthrough!!! 😉

From our esteemed Foreign Minister Alexander Downer – Australians in Iraq acting as human shields have made their protest clear but it is now time to come home.

Kind of missing the point of human shields there Alex, doncha think?

On a completely different subject if you’re looking for a laugh, check this out. It’s the “Paranormal Gallery” section of the paranormal site. Image after image after image of processing faults, overexposures, simulcras, reflections, jpeg compression artifacts, dusty lenses and wobbly-camera-hand-syndrome induced light streaks that people are convinced show spirits, demons, angels, “orbs” and all sorts of other paranormal weirdness. Really makes you wish that people would learn a bit more about how cameras and the human eye/visual cortex actually work eh? Having looked through the entire archive I can only find four images that defy photographic explanation and look worthy of further investigation.

Best quote – “When I got the picture developed, there was an orange and black bolt of fire-looking thing. It seemed to be striking my younger sister in the head. This was not there when I took the picture.” No! Surely not!? 😀

Finally, there’s a reporter for the ABC News called Lisa Millar. I find this very amusing 😉

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