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Ah, another long break between entries. I could make all sorts of excuses, but honestly I just haven’t felt like writing. I put it down to a heady mixture of depression at being yet another year older, and alternating boredom (at having nothing to do) and panic (at suddenly having way too much to do) at work. That kind of thing can wear even the most enthusiastic blogger down, let me tell you. And I’m hardly enthusiastic about anything these days 🙂

But things have worked out well today, because we’ve got an immune system impaired kid on work experience, and I seem to have come down with a mild cold (in the middle of a heat wave, typical me). Normally I’d down a handful of demazin, panadol and Allen’s Butter Menthols and just get on with it, but since this kid (the son of a major client) is hanging around the office, it wouldn’t be a good idea. So I’m taking a day off. Joy! 🙂

Oh yeah, another reason I haven’t been blogging. The heat. Hottest March on record so far. Saturday was about 40, Sunday the same and Monday, well. I went across the street to get some lunch at about 12:00 and couldn’t believe how hot it was. There was a wind gusting down Hampden road that felt like it was coming out of an oven – literally. It was just like the blast of heat you get when you open the door to check on your crumbed chicken breast. When I got home and checked the news it turned out that it was the hottest day in four years, at just over 42 degrees. Yikes! Tuesday was mildly better, at 38 or so but very humid, and today has been a positively freezing 29.

So yeah, with those kind of temperatures who can be bothered writing? It’s a struggle not to just lie on the floor sweating. Ack! I’ve been living beneath my evaporative air cooler – in fact it’s entirely likely my cough is a symptom of incipient legionaires disease.

Anyway, the major event of the last few weeks was my 27th birthday. I went over to Mum and Dad’s for a family dinner. I could harp on about that, but all you really want to know about is what I got isn’t it? 🙂 OK, from Mum and Dad one of those Map Mystery jigsaw puzzle things, which looks really interesting if I ever actually have the time or space to assemble it. From Andrew and Travis a copy of Californication, which I’ve been meaning to get my hands on for like years. From the aunts a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne (they got me champagne for Christmas as well, they seem to have terrible trouble remembering that I don’t actually drink) and $25 (which I’ve already blown by ordering an extremely stupid card game I’ve had my eye on for some time from good old Warehouse 23 :). So not a bad night presents-wise.

Since then I’ve got a wall clock from my Aunt in the UK, and a DVD copy of Memento from Rebecca, which rocks because I’ve been meaning to see it for ages (you know, the one where Guy Pearce can’t remember anything so the entire movie runs backwards – or something :). I might watch it this afternoon actually if I run out of things to do. Which is unlikely since I have to clean the bathroom. *sigh*

Hmmm, apart from all that nothing much has been going on. Well, apart from nightmares at work building this site. No, your connection hasn’t dropped out, it’s just a really really crap site that looks like an accident in a metal foundry and takes forever to download. And (not wanting to sound pompous and no doubt failing miserably) I’m good at making sites download fast (when I want to 🙂 so you can get some idea of just how crap the design of this monstrosity is. Happily the designer who forced it on us has since gone out of business – you can see why 🙂

OK, gonna go now.

PS:What the????????????

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