You know, there are times that I wish the Reverend Fred Nile would just curl up and die. Well, OK, I wish that on a daily basis, but there are times I particularly wish it.

Not content with suggesting in Parliment earlier this week that the chador should be banned because it could be used conceal weapons, he has now gone on to say that it’s OK to ban it because it’s only worn by religious fanatics. Okaaaaaay…

Apparently his reasoning is that since not all Muslim women choose to wear it, those who do must be extremists. I can’t quite see that logic. You might as well argue that since some people choose not to drink (myself included), all people who do drink are raging alcoholics.

And as for labeling people “religious extremists”, well, look who’s talking! For crying out loud!!

I’m too annoyed to write any more >:-|

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