Well, much to my relief Sarah didn’t die in Tuesday’s episode of CSI. In fact, no one died at all. Well, apart from the psychotic mass murderer who was pretty effaciously shot in the chest by…… the woman who isn’t Sarah (I only know the names of two characters, sad really) while he was trying to do Grissom in with a shovel. Which is perfectly understandable really*. They didn’t even kill the skinny white guy, despite the add promising both his and Sarah’s gruesome deaths. So, what gives?

I think that maybe there was a mix up at the station over the script for the add. It probably originally read something like “could destroy the career of one CSI, and lead to the deaths of two others…” (which would be appropriate). But somewhere between the scripting and voice over departments it somehow got changed to “will destroy the career of one CSI, and lead to the deaths of two others…”. The voice over guy read what he was given in a suitably ominous voice, and the video guys put together shots of the cast to match. At least that’s my theory. In any case I’m sure it boosted ratings, which was probably the main idea.

I was also pretty impressed by this week’s episode of Smallville. It was incredible! For once, the good inhabitants of Smallville Kansas were threatened by something not connected with the meteorites! I’ve been watching the show for about seven episodes so far, and in every one of them (apart from the latest) the threats have been caused by kryptonite*.

It’s a pretty remarkable mineral. Not only does it have the expected effect of making Clark very ill indeed, but it apparently gives out radiation that can bring back extinct plant species, can be combined with large amounts of pain killers to resurrect the dead*, will give you the power to control bees if you’re allergic to them and get massively stung in it’s precence, can be turned into a tattoo ink that lets you walk through walls, and a whole load of other freaky stuff I can’t remember right at this moment. It even made Lex Luther bald somehow for crying out loud! The stuff’s worse than naquadah!*

Nonetheless I’m going to continue watching. The precense of Chloe/Allison Mack may or may not have anything to do with this 😉

Hmmmm, not a lot else is really going on. It was something like 35 degrees today, and humid, so of course I decided to walk down to Ross’s after work, buy a load of heavy hardware, and walk home. I needed a shower and a cold drink when I got back, but apart from that wasn’t too bad. I’m apparently fitter than I think. It would have been worse though if I could have bought the wood I wanted to get. You’d think that a big hardware/salvage place like Ross’s would have some particle board* or something similar for sale, but no. Just sections of skirting board. I’ll have to head down to WA Salvage over the weekend I think*.

And what do I need this hardware for? I could claim that I’m enclosing the balcony in order to turn it into a sauna, but that would be a lie (not to mention against building policies). No, I’m doing something else*. Something else that I’m not going to explain. So there 😉

* Shooting him that is, not doing Grissom in with a shovel. Grissom is cool.

* Not that they call it kryptonite. It’s “meteorite rock”.

* With creepy powers of course.

* Another obligatory Stargate referrence Helen 😉

* Particle Board! Particle Board! Doing the things a… particle….. can…

* We no fancy! But we cheap! As our ongoing lawsuit against them for my mother’s arm injury apparently proves. Allegedly.

* Which, I should add, does not involve any alterations to the fabric of the unit or building, just in case either Rebecca or the tennant’s council are reading this 😉

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