Cape Man!

OK, I haven’t updated in a loooong while. I don’t have much of an excuse really, apart from the psychic and physiological shock of going back to work after two weeks off. It’s amazing how getting up at 6:30 rather than 10:00 can take it out of you. Not to mention clients who change their requirements every freakin’ ten minutes for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! Sorry! Sorry! Just the old webmastering rage getting to me there. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…

Anyway despite the horrors of returning to the nine-to-five (well nine-o-five to four-fourty-five really) lifestyle, I’m in a surprisingly good mood. The main reason for this is that Shivaree’s new album Rough Dreams is released in Australia today. I pre-ordered a copy from Sanity last week, so it should arive in my letterbox either tomorrow or Wednesday. Hooray! Now we do the Dance of Joy!*

Also improving my mood sufficiently to write an entry, is my discovery of two new web-comics. The first is Wigu by Jeffrey J Rowland. This odd strip about an odd family is so bizzarely good that I’m amazed it originates from Oklahoma City*. So far it’s featured a steroid enhanced slater (pill bug to Americans and other aliens), a giant vampire Hitler, and Topato (the interdimensional super-hero potato made of poison), and with the advent of Paisley’s attempt at gothic cheerleading things can only get better.

The second is Scary Go Round by John Alison, author of the now sadly departed Bobbins. It’s actually a lot like Bobbins (it features some of the same characters, and is set in the same fictional midlands city of Tackleford), but the artwork is better and it actually has a coherant plot (or at least it does so far). I’m looking forward to how it all turns out.

Before I go I just have to mention an article on NimeMSN today*. It was a fairly standard affair about someone abandoning a van on the forecourt of Parliment House in Canbera and sparking a major bomb scare and evacuation*. All pretty boring stuff. But then halfway down there was a major incursion from the parallel universe when the reporter decided to note…

The van was then towed away. Later in the day a man in an orange cape was seen dancing on the van’s location, but he was chased away by security.*

WHAT?!?!?!?!? A man in a orange cape and dancing?!?!? What the?!? Who was this man? Why was he wearing a cape? And why oh why was he dancing? The sadistic soul behind the article gives us no further information, and instead goes on about tourists being shunted out the back doors, but Cape Man is clearly is the real story. Forget the van, the journalist should have been chasing him down! The public has a right to know!

The Dancing Cape-Man of Canberra is now my hero 🙂

* You either get the reference, or you don’t. If you don’t, then feel very happy indeed.

* I shall not defame Oklahoma City.
I shall not defame Oklahoma City.
I shall not defame Oklahoma City…

* It’s evil, but it’s the only halfway decent Australian news portal I know.

* Apparently he was protesting telephone fees and the closure of a local speedway. The fun never stops in the national capital!

* Quoted from memory, but that’s the gist of it

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