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Well, I was intending to get a long and highly detailed account of the goings on of Friday night’s Make Your Own Pizza/Bed Raising*/House Warming party up here today, however I’ve run out of time. So it’ll have to wait, hopefully only until tomorrow. It’s half written, it just needs finshing off, which I should be able to manage while watching The Secret Life of Us.

On a down note however I’ve discovered that there are no drivers for my scanner under Windows XP, so I’ll need to buy another one. This sucks. OK, scanners are remarkably cheap these days conpared to when I bought the thing several years ago, but it still sucks. Someone should sit down and bloody write a driver! C’mon! There must be….. several people still using the 9630P out there! Hrumph!

Until tomorrow then.

* Like a barn raising. Only you’re putting together an IKEA trundle bed rather than a large agricultural building.

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