And the Server shall eat itself…


Well, it’s been a while between entries hasn’t it? I have a couple of decent excuses though.

The first is that over the weekend of December 15-16 the server decided to eat it’s own hard drive. This is not exactly the kind of thing that you want to happen to a computer that’s handling the shopping cart systems for dozens of e-commerce sites at any time, let alone during the run-up to Christmas. It also (incidently) meant that this weblog wouldn’t work. It took us about a week to get everything going again, so even if I’d had the energy to make entries I couldn’t.

After that of course was Christmas, which has a habit of causing interuptions. Also general sugar-overload induced exhaustion. So I haven’t been up to writing anything.

That should probably change over the next few days. I at least intend to write up a review of The Fellowship of the Ring which I saw with Rebecca and Ryan on Boxing Day. That’s if I don’t get out to Kalgoorlie for a few days. So check back soon.

Oh yeah, I also made a few changes to the Beginner’s Guide to Surfarian, so check that out if you’re so inclined.

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