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by Purple Wyrm on January 29, 2015

The mercury has been in the high 30’s since Monday, and is expected to remain there until next Friday at least. We’re also looking at a week of thunderstorms, to compliment the one that woke up about half the city (…)

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by Purple Wyrm on July 17, 2013

I know temperature isn’t as simple as marks on a thermometer. I know buildings in the UK are built to retain heat, while ours are built to repel heat. I know acclimatisation, habit and even wardrobe have a big effect (…)

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This Cannot be Borne!

by Purple Wyrm on January 8, 2013

The minimum temperature last night was 27.7 degrees. I think we can all agree that this is ridiculous and something should be done. I suggest sending a fleet of tugs down to Antarctica to snap off a bit of ice (…)

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The Weather is Trying to Kill Me

by Purple Wyrm on February 27, 2011

Pirates are all we can be!

Recommended Operating Parameters

by Purple Wyrm on October 20, 2010

Exceed these values with extreme caution.