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So here’s a thing…

by Purple Wyrm on November 26, 2016

Have a listen to 1:33 to 1:59 of TISM’s Greg! the Stop Sign (1995)… Now have a listen to 17:14 to 18:00 of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Variations (1978)… And finally, listen to the Shadows’ FBI (1961) There’s quite a few (…)

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And Here’s Another Thing

by Purple Wyrm on February 12, 2015

In a follow up to yesterday’s surprising Eurovision news, there’s a petition begging TISM to reform and represent Australia in Vienna. Naturally I have signed it. Can you watch this performance, and dare to claim that TISM would not fit (…)

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The Court of Ancient Grievances

by Purple Wyrm on September 20, 2014

Order! Order! The Court of Ancient Grievances is now in session! It is hereby alleged that on or around the 9th of October 1998 the music reviewers of the Sunday Times newspaper stated that the song Thunderbirds are Coming Out (…)

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Musical Tuesdays – Filth

by Purple Wyrm on December 17, 2013


Do as History Teaches

by Purple Wyrm on August 2, 2012

It’s that time again, the time when the Australian swim team goes off to the Olympics and – to the general consternation of the nation – totally fails to dominate. Our swimmers pick up some silvers, some bronzes and maybe (…)

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