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by Purple Wyrm on May 12, 2014

So there was just a new Apple ad on TV. One which grabbed my attention with an unmistakeable baseline… My first reaction was “Holy crap! That’s Gigantic!! Awesome!”. My second reaction was “Uh… do Apple realise what that song is (…)

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by Purple Wyrm on July 8, 2013

Today’s Google Doodle (commemorating 66 years since whatever the hell happened at Roswell happened) is fantastic. It took me a little while, but I figured out how to recover all the alien’s ship parts and send him safely on his (…)

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Thoughts for the Day

by Purple Wyrm on December 4, 2012

1: People who can’t tell the difference between ‘balmy’ and ‘barmy’ should be shot. 2: Kim Deal’s vocals on Here Comes Your Man remind me of the high school sweetheart I never had. 3: The government’s new National Broadband Network (…)

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I Bleed

by Purple Wyrm on November 20, 2012

Having the kind of anxiety and depression riddled day where simply being conscious hurts. There’s only one solution. The Pixies. There. That’s a bit better.

So Long George

by Purple Wyrm on June 25, 2012

And evolving from the sea, Would not be too much time for me, To walk beside you in the sun, I read something, About a son of a gun, Named extinction, –Pixies The Sad Punk

Power Down

by Purple Wyrm on April 5, 2012

That’s a whole lotta Bach


by Purple Wyrm on January 5, 2012

A big big love.

Kinecting the Dots

by Purple Wyrm on November 29, 2011

Take that Bill!

Never Mind

by Purple Wyrm on September 24, 2011

What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.