Blowing Smoke

Possibly the dumbest thing I believe is that I could beat nicotine addiction.

Deep in my soul I KNOW that I could start smoking, keep it up for a few months, then simply quit cold turkey with no problems apart from feeling a bit crap for a few days.

Thankfully I am far too smart to actually put this to the test.

One thought on “Blowing Smoke”

  1. Don’t do it, man! My work colleague is having a hell of a time quitting poisoning himself with that stuff, though he has been doing it for many years, not the few months you propose.

    I’m lucky in that when I tried smoking tobacco in my early 20’s my body violently rejected it; I was consistently bent over vomiting in the garden at about half a cigarette.

    Though *if* you were to engage in this mad experiment, consider researching and sourcing genuine organically grown pure tobacco.

    “Smoking the tobacco leaf is a dangerous practice, Saruman”
    “Why…why should we fear to smoke it?”
    “Since when did Saruman the wise trade reason for madness?”

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