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Dubstep Achieves its Final Form

by Purple Wyrm on July 30, 2014

Ban this Sick Filth!

by Purple Wyrm on August 22, 2012

And yet another stupid video in lieu of real content (I have some leave coming up so things should get back to normal then…). Warning! Contains adult language, Nazi references, abuse of an innocent farming simulator, Skrillex and abject stupidity…

Skrillex minus Shrillex

by Purple Wyrm on August 16, 2012

And while we’re on a kick of just embedding YouTube videos rather than coming up with any original content, how about this then?


by Purple Wyrm on July 23, 2012

Not Dead Yet

by Purple Wyrm on July 18, 2012

Not dead – just busy. (Yes. With Minecraft. *sigh*) Hey you, don’t watch that! Watch this!

On Skrillex

by Purple Wyrm on June 29, 2012

I actually don’t mind a bit of dubstep 🙂