I am a Terrible Human Being

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of whipping up a kind of anti-fanfic for In the Night Garden – a terrifying children’s show that comes on before Spicks and Specks on ABC2. It would be about war coming to the garden, the tittifers being hunted for bushmeat and Iggle Piggle being shot for breaking curfew. Awful I know.

Similarly appalling is a vision that came to me today of Dolan style Seinfeld rage comics. Horribly distorted and poorly drawn versions of the characters – named Jary, Gorg, Kosmr and Eraln – stumbling around reciting lines from the series completely out of context, or recontextualised in bizarre ways. For instance…

ERALN: (Looks startled)

Like I said. I’m a terrible human being.

2 thoughts on “I am a Terrible Human Being”

  1. Swine :). We love in the night garden :). And i’m 51, what does that say ?.
    As for Seinfeld…Ehhh. Whatever hideous fate befalls them…

    1. What does that say? I couldn’t possibly comment ;D

      I will – grudgingly – admit however that Makka Pakka is cool.

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