Not Cool YouTube

So you’re working away on your computer at the office and decide that you need some music to make your life feel like it’s worth living. So you go over to YouTube and line up something soothing and melodic, a piece by the Shins for instance. Then you switch windows and continue work.

But then without any warning, without any kind of alert or alarm to advise you that some kind of vile, brain killing, hazardous toxin that should not be played to children or other living things without arrest and trial in the Hague is incoming, you are subjected to an unskippable, ten second auditory assault by Nicki Minaj.

Not cool YouTube! Not cool!

Buckley’s or None

Stumbled over this YouTube channel the other day…

I like this guy. Not only do his musical prejudices match mine but he sounds like a Canadian version of Randal from Clerks. Additionally there’s some real intelligence and thoughtful analysis behind all the snark.

Not safe for work, both on the basis of Buckley’s language and the truly awful music he highlights.

Also, is it just me, or does Beez in the Trap by Nicky Minaj sound exactly like Slap My Elbow by S’Mouse?

Lovely Spam

Enhance your Ewactwy Wo-um!

I’ve been getting quite a few spam comments on the Wyrmlog lately – which isn’t any kind of problem because my filters catch them all. I’ve usually been ignoring the contents but one today included a link to a YouTube video, which I decided to check out just for laughs (after all, what harm can a YouTube link do to your system?)

It turned out to be a video of a strongly accented man staring into the camera and talking about how great a particular brand of – shall we say – “enhancement” pills are, and how they increase “ewactwy wo-um”. Apparently other enhancement pills have all kinds of side effects, but these ones are side effect free, and have a really impressive effect on one’s ability to “ewactwate” – if that’s actually the kind of thing that particularly concerns one.

It was quite amusing, but I’m not going to reward spammy behaviour with a link.

The Lancaster Soup!


Call me a Heretic if you like, but as far as I’m concerned the correct lyrics are…

Feed the foam,
At Royco, Cup-a-Soup,

You’re acting fifteen!
Touching yourself, repent!
At Royco, Cup-a-Soup!

The Lancaster Soup!
Soup in a cup!
God is Royco, Cup-a-Sooooooooop!!!!!!

In government the liquor’s the same,

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

Baby, I’m Getting Better

I could leave my room, my cocoon, find the door and walk out to the sun

Well, after a couple of months of extreme stress at work, egg-induced illness over the weekend, the general hurly-burly of Easter and the circadian disruption of getting up insanely early for the ANZAC dawn service yesterday, I’m actually starting to feel human again. By this time tomorrow I might actually be up to doing useful things, rather than creeping around muttering “things, things, yes, we must do things, so many things to do” like Gollum ;D

In the meantime here are a couple of fantastic mini documentaries I’ve been meaning to promote for ages. They’re both about the urban development of London and – no! Wait! Don’t leave! They’re very entertaining! Honest!

If you doubt my recomendation (and if so, what the hell is your problem? ;)) just watch the second one, which is more polished and contains a good deal more surrealism. But honestly, you should watch them both, ideally in order.


Today we all steal animals…

Machines! We are taking to the sky!

B Mashina by scary Slovenian industrial meisters Laibach is a truly epic track, redolent of all kind of weird, Reichian flying machines and apocalyptic calamities. As such I consider it extremely unlikely (no matter how much the aforelinked YouTube poster would like it to be true) that the lyrics include the phrase today we all steal animals.

It seems much more likely to me that the lines in question are today we are still, animals we are.

Of course maybe I’m wrong and the song’s really about black helicopters and cattle mutilation…

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