The delightful Helen Killer (AKA April Winchell, who’s probably done voices for something you’ve watched at some point) has once again put her collection of awful, awful holiday music up on Regretsy for you to share and enjoy. Among the files ready to find a new, permanent home on your hard drive is this, which I have just decided is the best Christmas song ever recorded (to quote April, make sure the cat is outside).

God bless us, every one!

River of Love

Looks like a spark (WORP!), feels like a flame (WORP!)

I haven’t been posting anywhere near as much as I’ve meant to lately, and right now I don’t have the time to do anything about it. So I thought I’d just inflict another Youtube video on you all.

Here I am proud to present (courtesy of Regretsy where I first encountered his greatness) Varga with Love Train!

Yes, at first listen it’s a horrible, horrible piece of garbage that sounds like someone’s idea of a sick joke, but when Varga isn’t – well, singing isn’t even close to the correct description for those noises he makes, but we’ll stick with it for now – when Varga isn’t singing and when those weird squawking noises aren’t intruding (WORP!) it’s not totally bad. There are bits that sound like semi-competent 8o’s ballad pop hidden in there. If Varga learnt to program his Casiotone properly and handed vocal duties across to someone else then he could actually be on to something.


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