For what it is, Skepta’s Shartdarn ain’t bad. It’s definitely got something. But get a load of the sample – taken from a caller to a British talkback radio show – at 1:50…

A bunch of YOUNG men, ALL dressed in black, dancing extremely aggressively on stage. It made me feel SO intimidated and it’s just NOT what I expect to see on prime time TV.

Seriously lady, if an image of people dancing on your TV makes you feel intimidated then you need to take a good hard look at your life.

2 thoughts on “Intimidated”

  1. yeah..young men dressed in black dancing “aggressively”…id just like to know what act this woman was actually referring to…and on “prime time tv”…ummmm…i dont think its actually legal to do anything “aggressively” on prime time is it?…what the?…man skepta lucked out on this wench! you couldnt dream a better sample than that…i just really want to see what “aggressive” dance this woman objected to…because..whoohoo! (fans herself) oh my- young men, in black , dancing ‘aggressively’…sounds like just my thing!- if you can source THAT clip…id LOOOOVE to see it…lions and tigers and aggressive dancing beaaaars!!!…oh my…

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