Pros and Cons

Was almost gassed on the way to work today. The bus was so full of exhaust fumes that everyone was throwing open the windows despite it being only 5 degrees outside. Frostbite is, after all, mildly preferable to carbon monoxide poisoning.

On the plus side I got to see the dolphins playing in the river along Mounts Bay Road, which was nice. Unless of course they were gas induced hallucinations…

5 thoughts on “Pros and Cons”

    1. It was one of those really ancient old death traps, the kind we had back at high school.

      Hell, it may have been one of the ones we had back at high school.

      1. Why does that not surprise me? I hated those old death traps. sticking hot in summer, freezing in winter and always breaking down. Thought they got rid of em all.

  1. “Rockin’ all around in Mr ‘s bus. He got the map and the keys but he don’t know where to go which means a lot of waiting ’round for us.”

    1. I am quite astonished that you remember that! 😀

      Of course I remember the full version, but then I’m a freak 😉

      He’s uncertified and ancient,
      He’s ancient and uncertified,
      Rockin’ all around in Mr XXXX’s Bus,
      He got the map and the keys,
      But he don’t know where to go to,
      Which means a lot of waiting round for us,
      He’s on his way to Beebeezak,
      Who knows where the hell that is?
      Lookin’ at the time, it’s already 3:09,
      Loose wheel, unreal,
      Get down on the floor and kneel,
      Wishing you’ll get out with your life,

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