Some Free Business Advice

Let us assume that you have a website, which is hosted and managed by a website company.

And let us assume that you decide you want a new website, hosted and managed by a different website company.

Let us furthermore assume that rather than inform your original website company that you’re going to terminate your business relationship, you decide to conceal the fact that you are having a replacement website built.

And finally let us assume that you decide to send a ‘Preview our New Website!’ email out to some of your customer database.

Well. You may want to check that the selection of customers you’re sending that email out to does not contain the email addresses of any developers from the website company you’re sneaking around the back of.

Unless of course you’re pathologically passive-aggressive or something…

2 thoughts on “Some Free Business Advice”

  1. hmmm…Thats tacky..Bunch of web strumpet’s…Somebody deserves a damned good thrashing….

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