Well that explains that…

As part of my whole not-swell-up-like-a-walrus-and-die plan I’ve been eating cereal and yogurt for breakfast for the last month or so, as opposed to scarfing down whatever the hell grabs my eye when I stumble to the fridge in the morning. This has been keeping me feeling nice and full until lunch, resulting in much less snacking, but my weight has not changed one wit – which was puzzling.

Until today when I checked up on the nutritional figures for my cereal of choice – Uncle Toby’s Healthwise for Heart Wellbeing.

Looks healthy, doesn't it?
Looks healthy, doesn’t it?

This fine product – approved by the National Heart Foundation no less – turns out to be just over 30% sugar. 30% SUGAR.

So it’s not really surprising that I haven’t loss any weight eating this crap. In fact what’s surprising is that I haven’t gained any weight.

So tonight on the way home I’ll purchase some cereal that isn’t made by Oompa Loompas and then bin the rest of Uncle Toby’s Healthwise for Sugar Barons.


3 thoughts on “Well that explains that…”

    1. I would strip naked and dance around a campfire beating a drum if it would help me shed some kilos!

      (Actually, that probably would help me shed a few kilos. Not going to do it though, I have some dignity)

  1. All bran and greek yoghurt is hella filling and quite low in sugar. Get the unflavoured yoghurt and add a bit of honey to taste – it’s going to be much better than any premixed, presweetened cereal.

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