So, over the weekend I had very slow, very erratic internet for about half an hour each morning before it dropped out for the rest of the day. I also couldn’t go out anywhere and do anything interesting because the Telstra man might turn up and need access to the flat. So I was isolated, trapped and miserable – a condition only slightly alleviated by re-reading the entire run of Scary-Go-Round in book form and crushing the Ottoman Empire in Civ 5 (try to convert my cities to your heathen religion will you?!)

Tonight I’m doing a sleep study as part of my long term plan to get on CPAP, get some decent sleep, have the energy to join the gym behind my complex, lose weight, get healthy, get confident, become suave and sophisticated and marry Florence Welch. This is a good thing, but it means that I can’t have any caffeine today, so not only am I suffering from net withdrawal but my head feels like it’s imploding.

In any case, here is possibly the most perfect video ever put up on YouTube – Dehydrated Spinning Blue Peter Cat.

An amazing fusion of vision and music that is at once hypnotic, strange, disturbing, jolly and fundamentally pointless. Go Internet!

7 thoughts on “Obladee-Obladah”

  1. Hmmm, good luck. I’ve been on CPAP on and off for years. Can’t deny it works fine….but has some odd side effects :)…And you DO get used to it eventually.


    1. Thanks! I tried it eight years back but had problems adapting and gave up in petulant despair. I’m going to stick with it this time come hell or high water as it would be really nice to wake up in the morning and actually feel rested and energised.

  2. Yeah, i was in the same boat first time around. Took some time to find a happy medium…it’s still not fantastic, but it does work…and i found after a while my body, i guess, adapted to it and i can now go for periods without using it. Interestingly my partner can tell by my breathing when i’m going to need it before i can and we’ve worked out a pretty happy medium..Much as i hate to say it..exercise and weight loss does make a difference..i recently stopped my once a week swimming sessions and have become “chunky” again and use of the mask has increased proportianlly…Stick with it, its worth the hassle.

    1. Exercise and weight loss are definitely on the agenda, as soon as I have enough energy to make either more than a pipe dream.

  3. Cool…Do you swim?…more fun than walking…Dont even speak of “jogging” 🙂 and less risky than cycling..

    1. Sadly a perforated eardrum makes swimming problematic. There is however a 24 hour gym literally 200 metres from my front door.

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