They can *all* read my thoughts!

I had occasion to play the Firefly board game with Paula and Bek yesterday. It was a lot of fun – although we actually played it a bit wrong – but I am kind of miffed because the whole thing is quite obviously stolen from the Firefly card game that I started to develop some years back – Plyin’ the Black.

Now, obviously I kid. I do not actually think Gale Force Nine are stealing my thoughts. The fact that a good 75% of the mechanics and ideas in the board game are the same as in my card game is a fascinating example of congruent evolution, and clearly the result of people experienced with a large range of existing games working from the same source material. It’s just downheartening to realise that the time and effort I put into my system has been wasted, because even were I to dig it out and finish development Plyin’ the Black would forever look like blatant plagiarism.

But hey, the board game is really well done and I’ll be buying a copy as soon as I have collected the requisite funds. And the master Plyin’ the Black rulebook is signed by Jewel Staite and Summer Glau, so let’s see Gale Force Nine match that! 😉

Later: Hmmm, maybe I could create a mashup of both games and create a boardless version. Something to think about…

7 thoughts on “They can *all* read my thoughts!”

  1. Don’t go tempting the fates or else Gale Force Nine will go out of its way to get their next firefly product signed by the firefly crew. (Except Ron Glass of course, may his spirit soar)

  2. Yeah, I’ve never seen Mark Hamill at Supernova, so he MUST be dead! Rest in peace young Jedi. Now your skills are complete.

    1. All right kids! Settle down!

      A quick Google search shows that Ron had appeared at numerous conventions and is in fact appearing at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in August this year. He doesn’t seem to do as many appearances as the rest of the cast, but that’s probably because he’s almost 70, not because he’s dead 🙂

      Discussion closed!

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