No, it Hasn’t

I was channel surfing last night and came across a man in a purple cape, sitting at a piano performing a mash up of Scarborough Fair and The Diva Dance from the Fifth Element.

It was not – as I initially thought – a scene from Liberace: Behind the Candelabra, but the semi-final of Australia’s Got Talent.

If that’s talent, I hope it’s not catching.

LATER: Ha! Found it! Weirdest damn thing I’ve ever seen on TV…

2 thoughts on “No, it Hasn’t”

  1. From your post I was all prepared for a total train wreck, but instead I found it to be a near miss of a bicycle accident. You got to admire the guy for an amazing vocal range! Any bloke who can pull off the Diva Dance from Fifth Element, surely has balls (or perhaps not 😉

    1. I will happily admit that the guy has an awesome vocal range. I’m just not so sure about his fashion or musical choices.

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