Denys Knows Nothing About Death Metal

Seriously, I know almost nothing about death metal. I can identify it when I hear it, but I am completely unable to distinguish good death metal from bad death metal, or identify or discuss any subgenres of the form that may or may not exist.

As such I have no idea whether The Satan of Hell by the Black Satans is a fine example of the genre, an excellent parody of the genre, or a load of old cobblers. What I can say however is the video clip is hilarious. It’s clear that the band simply got dressed up in leather and corpse paint, then filmed themselves piss-farting around in the Finnish woods. Observe…

The entire clip is ridiculous, but highlights include…

0:28 – Get funky!
0:43 – Going for a jog!
1:03 – Even more funky!
1:06 – Die tree! Die!
1:29 – Missed it by that much!
1:51 – Whoops!
1:53 – Hold! Hold! Now dance!
2:11 – Peekaboo!
2:44 – Snowball fight!

Great stuff! 😀

(For those who dislike the sound of machine gun drumming and gargling, try pairing it up with Yakety Sax. Works like a charm!)

7 thoughts on “Denys Knows Nothing About Death Metal”

  1. Ohhh…don’t hack off the death metal crowd :)…they take themselves shooo seriously indeed…especially the ones into neo-classic black viking folk metal…go check out forest metal if you want a sarcastic chuckle.. 🙂

    1. Troll Metal? I can think of three possible definitions…

      1: Metal about monsters who live under bridges.
      2: Metal recorded by monsters who live under bridges.
      3: Metal recorded as as some kind of joke to confuse and enrage.

      All sound fantastic! 🙂

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