Some facts about the new Pope…

  • The first non-European Pope in 1,272 years
  • The first Pope from the Americas
  • The first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere
  • The first Latin-American Pope
  • The first Jesuit Pope (which must be sending the conspiracy theorists into a state of nervous collapse…)
  • Is not named Peter (so much for Saint Malachy then…)
  • Has had some surprisingly decent things to say about the divide between rich and poor
  • Has said all the expected ultra-conservative things about women, homosexuality, contraception and abortion
  • May have been involved with kidnappings and other nefarious acts by the Argentinian Government
  • Isn’t likely to be terribly different to any other Pope ever

2 thoughts on “Popery”

  1. The main commentary in our house was around the name choice – Francis of Assisi. The cats have taken this as a sign that he is the first ‘pro-cat’ pope.

    1. Well, I dunno. There have been quite a few Leos, Sylvesters and Felixes – one would expect them to be fairly cat friendly Pontifs.

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