Paging Saint Malachy

Well, assuming I’m not delirious (my bronchitis has returned with a vengeance) Pope Benny is going to retire at the end of the month. Time to return to the Prophecies of Saint Malachy!

In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge the people. The End.

Well, that’s cheerful…

(For my previous take on St Malachy back in 2005 see here and here)

4 thoughts on “Paging Saint Malachy”

  1. Oh no! How will I be able to maintain my morality without a constipated old man presiding over a 500 year old corporation founded on fraud and genocide who’s wardrobe consists entirely of fancy dress costumes and gaudy bling, mediating between me and the divine? What ever will I do?

  2. There’s talk of nominating Cardinal Pell, which I’d support in so far as it means no longer having to share a continent with the man.

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