5 thoughts on “Internet Famous! (For a certain value of ‘famous’)”

  1. Well done, sir!
    O’ course I been a saying fer years: “That Denys there is a very fine gent who, I might add, cuts a fine dashin’ figure in trenchcoat and akubra hat. Having fought with the Browncoats over some damn fool thing, he became polymath of the arcane sciences and co-currently schooled in the sensual art of muttonchop coiffeury by the best ‘chopped gents of the day and matriculated at Issac Asimov’s mountain top monastery of muttonchop monks. He is a scholar and a gentlemonk and a very, very fine human being indeed”

      1. Oh, you mean the secret monastery I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone? The monastery that I have now mentioned thrice? Ohh, *that* secret monastery I wasn’t supposed to mention, not the other one. Oops

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