Except for Swans

Once again I really must apologise for yesterday’s post. It’s just that bad poetry really gets to me. Particularly bad poetry inflicted on the public by the privileged.

It’s my problem, I’ll deal with it.

I was thinking maybe I’ll scrawl the following onto a slate tile and post it to the manager of the markets with a cover letter saying “I understand you’re accepting donations of pieces of rock decorated with poorly rhymed political manifestos and would like to contribute to the collection”…

One day I want to be the king,
So I can own everything,
Except for swans it seems,
Which I’m told belong to Elizabeth the Queen,
And so one day you must give everything,
To the person who is your king,
By which I mean me,

In the meantime, here’s this.


3 thoughts on “Except for Swans”

  1. The point is, I know the difference. Compare my above drivel to the following…

    One day I want to be the king,
    So I can own most everything,
    Except for swans, for which it seems,
    The ownership’s held by the Queen,
    One day you must give everything,
    To the person, who is king,
    By which of course I’m meaning me,

    The content is still gibberish, but it has meter and rhythm, which is conspicuously missing from Gina’s effort.

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