What does a Middle Eastern Flag look like anyway?

Oh you gotta watch out for those foreign students with their Middle Eastern flags!

At a Victorian high school foreign students raised a Middle East flag on a school flag pole, Australian students took it down. Guess who was expelled… the students who took it down.

The Wyrmlog has been getting quite a few hits for the above phrase recently as a result of my post concerning the email that contains it. As I happen to know a bit about the incident in question I figured I’d do the right thing and share that knowledge with other truth seekers. So here we go…

It never happened.

What do I mean it never happened? Let me explain.

The email that you’ve probably received, the one that starts I am the Government’s/Labor Party’s worst nightmare was not written by an Australian, and was not written about Australia. It’s an American email written by an American about America. Everything that it says was originally about America, and has been clumsily altered to refer to Australia by some Aussie with an axe to grind – a fact that should be pretty obvious when it starts talking about ‘Social Security’.

Even more obvious is the line…

I believe it is time to really clean house, starting with the Lodge, the seat of our biggest problems

…which just sounds odd. When was the last time you heard the Lodge being mentioned in any kind of political debate? However it makes perfect sense when you realise the line originally read…

I believe it is time to really clean house, starting with the White House, the seat of our biggest problems


So, the alleged incident in some Victorian high school. I said it never happened. This is because it’s a somewhat one-sided account of something that happened in a school in Texas that has had various nouns changed to “Australianise” it…

Texas high school students raised a Mexican flag on a school flag pole, other students took it down. Guess who was expelled…the students who took it down.

There you go. As to what actually happened in Texas, the Mexican flag was being displayed (not flown from a flagpole) within the school as part of a display about Cinquo de Mayo, and a single student ripped it down and shoved it into a trash can. An act for which he was suspended, not expelled.

So there you go. The facts may not be as exciting as certain people with agendas to push might like, but they are the facts.

Peace out.

5 thoughts on “What does a Middle Eastern Flag look like anyway?”

  1. Hahahaha…I love this. I was checking this email out before I sent it to friends… I think it about 75% of my emails are hoax mis-information. It frustrates me that people just “believe”. lol

    ‘Ignorance is aparently bliss… to me its just ignorance. ‘

    1. Happy to help out! It’s good to hear that some people at least are doing the research before passing these things on.

  2. This is now being circulated on Facebook (adapted to Britain) in the wake of the murder in Woolwich.

  3. Looks like its still going round – i just got an email from a friend who obviously hadn’t checked it out first – but i did as didn’t like the comments and sounded phony – especially the bit about the school – glad i did

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