A Challenge!

You think you’re good eh?

A shiny new donkey for whoever can identify the following!

You know, I’ve just been feeling like crap lately. Dunno why, but I just can’t be arsed about anything. The world feels like a dead chunk of rock, pointlessly going round and round the sun. And, I mean, look at the sky – that big blue dome with the sun, and moon and stars and stuff? It might as well be a big cloud of toxic gas as far as I care.

And people – have you ever thought about how amazing a person is? How amazing it is that we exist? That we can think? We’re so adaptable -a human being can do just about anything, and if we can’t do it, we can imagine it. We’re the most amazing species the world has ever come up with, the most advanced animal on the planet – but I just can’t give a shit.

Your time starts now!

6 thoughts on “A Challenge!”

  1. Sounds like the thoughts of a certain Purple Wyrm I know and love?

    (just for the record, I know it isn’t.) 🙂

  2. Billy Connolly?; George Carlin?; Prince Phillip?

    P.S. One of your tags is ‘Lietarure’. Is this meant to be ‘Literature’ or some clever play on words beyond my wit?

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