Caught up with Rebecca after work yesterday. We ended up at the new branch of burger joint Grill’d at Subiaco railway station.

Now, for a while the place for burgers in Subi has been Jus Burgers. Well I’m sorry to say it, but as far as I’m concerned Grill’d has blown them out of the water. I had the mustard and pickle burger on a panini bun and it was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. And who knew you could make chips with rosemary? (Shepherd Book was right!)

After Grill’d we went to Chocolateria San Churro for desert. I’ve never tried churros before – I can see why they’re so popular, although I wouldn’t want to eat them regularly (I’d probably keel over dead from the sugar rush).

Um yeah. Nothing else to say really.

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