Why Piano Matters

And nothing else

I was trawling around the net the other day (as one does) and ended up on a truly atrocious website that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Geocities in 1998. Animated gifs, marquee text, 20 point Times New Roman against a tiled background that rendered it completely unreadable – a nightmare from the depths of time and sad casualty of the browser wars. I was about to close it down before it could infect my computer with blink tags when the midi file started, and I was forced to pause and figure out what the sublime piano music emerging from my speakers was.

At first I thought it might be the Moonlight Sonata, but it wasn’t. I was wracking my brain for possible other pieces when it suddenly clicked. Nothing Else Matters. By Metallica. It was a frickin’ piano cover of Metallica! And it sounded fantastic!

I was, to use the modern phrase, quite blown away.

I’ve managed to locate a similar version of the song on YouTube by one Scott D. Davis who seems to do a lot of this kind of thing. So, enjoy!

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