Well Hung

Election round up (of sorts) and things I must get done

Well that was a bit of an anticlimax. A hung parliament with power in the hands of a bunch of rural independents and one Green. Both Labor and the Libs are doing their best to cosy up to them, so it’ll be interesting to see who ends up forming government. At least the Greens managed to get up in the Senate – once the change over happens they’ll pretty much have total control of disputed legislation which can only be a good thing.

Bah. Politics.

There are a number of things I really have to do.

  • Update the Crash, and Package articles on the FreakWiki and finish the individual FreakAngel biographies
  • Upload and annotate the rest of the photos from my trip to the UK a YEAR AGO (I actually started on this over the weekend)
  • Write an email to Ali and Matt who’ve actually been waiting to hear from me for a YEAR
  • Write an email to Helen and Rob who’ve been waiting to hear from me for an unreasonable amount of time
  • Lose weight, get a girlfriend and generally sort my life out

The first four are at least feasible ;D

Regular readers (if there are any) will have noticed that I haven’t been updating on the weekends recently. There is a reason for this but I’m not yet ready to reveal it. I will however quote the Child and say “Things are going to change!”

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