Another damn series for me to obsess over…

I admit it. Despite the excellent reviews and general buzz I’ve been avoiding watching Castle. My reasons for doing so are threefold…

1) I watch far too much TV as is
2) They always put it on stupidly late
3) Watching Nathan Fillion playing anyone apart from Mal feels like some kind of betrayal (not to mention the fact that it’s a reminder that there’s no more Firefly – *sob*)

Despite this, last night I stumbled into the first 10 minutes of an episode – the first time I’ve seen any of the show at all.

Which episode you ask? The Halloween one which opens with Nathan dressing up in a “space cowboy” costume suspiciously identical to Mal’s 😀

What I saw of the rest of the episode was pretty damn good too – I suspect I’ll have to get the series on DVD now…

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