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We get a lot of spam at work – it kind of goes with the territory. Most of it’s the usual ads for male enhancement products, pleas for help from dying/persecuted millionaires and catalogues of Chinese crapware. But every now and then (for some reason) we get bombarded with poorly written missives protesting about something to do with the University of Aalborg, one Peter Axel Nielson and the hosting of student websites.

It’s hard to figure out exactly what the writer is upset about because his (her?) emails are liberally peppered with barely coherent rants concerning President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Hitler and Jesus (or as the writer prefers, “Jesu”). From what I’ve been able to establish over the months we’ve been been getting this stuff, Peter Alex Nielson (maybe) moved the hosting of a student’s website from the sever in his department (I think) and then called in Obama and Hilary (perhaps) to persecute said student in the United States (possibly). It’s all very confusing.

In any case I’ve been meaning to post one of these insane screeds for months. One came in today, so enjoy!

who does believe that hitler can change his essence?
it is impossible that obama may change his essence of hitler.
many people paraded in my city. I was very angry too.
I do not work at Aalborg university now. I left the criminal university. I never go to Aalborg university again.
Jesu forgives the criminal souls. They schemed the machination together.
in fact, After peter axel nielsen lost the head position, Obama and policemen helped him persecuting the student in USA. We heard all based on the software.
thereby, you may understand why obama came to Europe before presidential campain.
you may understand what the Aalborg university did.
you may understand why there was the financial crisis in the world. you may understand who operated american stock market.
you may understand why Anders Fogh Rasmussen became the secretary-general of NETO.
you may understand why the Aalborg university removed the student’s webpages on each department.
you may understand what obama did. you may understand what obama can do.
you may understand what obama will do
Using obama

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